Induction Into Motherhood, Coming Soon….

When the act of medically induced labor isn't only considered a "labor of love", but also a necessary means to an unexpected end. Okay, that opening statement may have been a little dramatic, but hear me out.... 32 weeks It all started a little over 4 weeks ago at a routine sono/check up appointment with … Continue reading Induction Into Motherhood, Coming Soon….

How To Succeed In Business

What has this taught me? - I am not special, I am not exceptional, I do not poses anything that makes me inherently above anyone or anything. In fact if I take a hard look at myself I am worthy of only the most basic, menial task and the lowest pay.

Freely Based On Your Labor

These rejection letters week after week, meanwhile my kids got to eat. And did I mention, despite having one remaining testicle my wife is pregnant! Kid Number 3, Corbin Scott Teague. Now count the members of my Family,

Are You Making it?

Life is hard, no one said it was easy. Yet we are given constant reminders in mass media of a "good life" that is enjoyed by a select few. This promotes and secures a perspective that motivates us toward an image of said "good life". It is a lie, it is false. In pursuit of … Continue reading Are You Making it?

When the Glucose is a Little Too Sweet…

#thatbabybumpthough So here I sit at my OB office trying my hardest not to upchuck while foaming at the mouth and unsuccessfully trying to convince myself that my hands aren't shaking, just so I can keep my thoughts straight and type this. Today is my dreaded 2 hour fasting glucose test at almost 29 weeks. … Continue reading When the Glucose is a Little Too Sweet…


I'm apparently a social worker, despite all the ways that I fail at having a social life. I apparently work in the "social" realm, whatever that is. I have some desires and goals for 2019 to advance my professional life and career. Like beginning an online program to earn a Master's Degree in Public Administration … Continue reading Professionalism

Being a Father has Changed Me – Here’s How.

Having kids makes you a better human being, or it ruins your children. You either change and succumb to the pressure of being in charge of your child's life or you break under the weight, damaging your children in the process. Being a parent is the most rewarding job I think I will ever have. … Continue reading Being a Father has Changed Me – Here’s How.

Marx could not have foreseen the 21st-century changes in the workplace -Finding Belonging in Work.

Wanting to belong is mutual among all people regardless of social class. Is the need to belong a motivation to change the landscape of the workplace?

Diapering: To Cloth or Not to Cloth, That is the Question.

As you may have read in my bio, my family and I are getting ready to welcome our first son and my first born in April 2019. I am both excited and terrified. I feel like nothing can really prepare you for parenting in this day and age. And even though I have been helping … Continue reading Diapering: To Cloth or Not to Cloth, That is the Question.